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About us

Opplæringskontoret Nord-Helgeland (Northern Helgeland Training Office)

Before 1997, there were two training offices in our municipality, OKBH (training office for building and construction industry, est. 1990) and OHNH (training office for hotels and restaurants, est. 1989). These were decided merged into one, and 1st  of September 1997 the Northern Helgeland Training Office was born.

At the time of the merger Northern Helgeland Training Office was responsible for monitoring the training of 57 apprentices, and after the merger our activities were growing. By the end of 1997 there were 89 apprentices affiliated to our office, and there were 71 companies that had signed ownership! Northern Helgeland Training Office is owned by local companies. At the end of 2009, we could count over 130 office holders and more than 200 apprentices.

Northern Helgeland Training Office is a multidisciplinary office. Our "footprint" is Northern Helgeland, and our office locations are in Polarsirkelen vgs (a local secondary school for vocational training). This means that we have a close and good cooperation with the secondary school.

Today we have 5 full time employees, og1 hired part-time employee.
Our apprentices represent many different trades and industries (building industries, mechanical industries, electricians, hotels, restaurants, food industries, telecommunications, ICT, chemical industries, metallurgy, office work, shop assistants, logistics, agricultural trades and different craft trades.)


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